July 10-13, 1967

New Your Met and San Francisco Opera Company soprano Carol Todd has been booked to star in "The Gypsy Baron" for the Honolulu Symphony Society July 21 and 22 in the Waikiki Shell.

The brilliant performer just completed a year-long tour with the New York Metropolitan Opera Company during which she attracted unprecedented critical acclaim to her performance in "La Boheme." She arrives here from the Mainland on July 14 to begin rehearsals. Managing director Alice Taylor of the Symphony Society has also signed Brian Sullivan, Charles Gonzales and Hawaii's Louise Larson for feature roles. Georege Barati will conduct; Wright Esser has been set as stage director.

Miss Todd was recently described in a Look Magazine profile as "an example of Opera's forbidden mixture of beauty and talent." Similar praise has been accorded her by distinguished music critics representing major U.S. newspapers and magazined.

Her appearance as Saffi in Johann Strauss's "The Gypsy Baron" this month marks her first visit to Hawaii.

Since 1961, Miss Todd has been a featured performer with the San Francisco Opera Company and has also appeared regularly on network television programs.

She was the guest artist for the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations in San Francisco, and is a familiar performer in major Southern California news, social and film events. She can be currently heard in producer Ross Hunter's "The Pad" motion picture, for which she recorded excerps from "Madame Butterfly."

The lovely singer starred as "Madame Butterfly" in the first opera ever presented in he magnificent new Los Angeles Music Center and is a frequent guest soloist with Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. She has also appeared in numerous Broadway road show productions, including "Wonderful Town" and "The King and I." She is currently considering a number of European assignments.